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#7 Just be….

To balance we need to be in the present moment, in our bodies here and now…

As I discovered more about my health and vocal issues and how they had managed to creep their way into my life…I began a journey of understand this thing of just being. I’d learnt in drama school these words; present moment, just be here, in the now. And honestly I didn’t really have the slightest clue what it actually meant. I thought, I am here, now, where else could I possibly be?? But my thoughts were always flitting to past and the future….

It wasn’t until I was on vocal rest going and through therapy, digging up past events and traumas to try and figure out how and why I had let my health slip….(of course this was an important part of the process in healing.) However the answer didn’t lie in something that had happened to me in the past. It lay right here. Now. In this moment.

I wasn’t giving myself time to just be. I was putting so much out, trying to please others lingering on past events and worrying about my next job, money and all the other stuff related to future thinking…Not enough rest, not enough sleep, not enough love. I still find it hard to stop and breath and be in the present moment, be me, with me and love me. The journey is life. So I try not to beat myself up when I wonder down the wrong path…instead I stop. And breath. And let myself just be. Just be with whatever emotions I am feeling. Observing them. Accepting them….

So when emotions are high and your feeling out of control in a situation. Stop. Take 5 deep breaths. In through the nose and out through the nose. Ask yourself what am I feeling? Where am I feeling it in my body? What does the sensation feel like? (tight, loose, hot or cold). How does the feeling change? Breath.

Then go about the rest of your day. “A feeling is just a feeling, it’s not your identity” Edith Edger, The Gift.

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