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Listen And Love

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

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Listen and love…

Have you ever lost the ability to use your voice? Have you ever done a sponsored silence? When I went on vocal rest (not using my voice at all) for over a week, I discovered a whole new part of myself. How do you communicate? How do you get across what you want? The answer is you just do. You find a way. At first it was frustrating I felt as though I had lost a part of my identity….but in fact I discovered a whole new part of myself. Listening. Not just listening for what I wanted to hear but really listening. Listening with my whole heart to others and myself. Becoming creative in finding new ways to communicate highlighted what’s really important. Health. Love.

It was here that I heard my breathing for the first time in a long time. Going inside of myself and discovering who I am. The start of a journey in breath and health.

Give yourself some time each day to love yourself. To stop for a moment. Stop talking and just listen to your breath. Soon you realise that you have forgotten your troubles and worries for a moment.

Listen and love.

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