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Meet Maria

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do, how much time you have or haven’t got, whether you’re happy or sad, injured or fit, resistant, reluctant, ready or not, you can benefit from yoga. The thing that inspires me to teach yoga is people. Diverse, different, and real people who want to be healthier. 

Whilst training on the cliffs of Varkala, Southern India, I was inspired by the infamous Guru G. While making a trip on the back of his moped to buy treats for the students, he made me recite mantras ready for the next class. 


This taught me that yoga isn’t just about sitting in silence with perfect posture, but that yoga can be fun, free spirited, and bring out the playful, daring side of your personality, preparing you for life! 

Mixing my creative movement skills along with my northern warmth and well-travelled resilience I teach yoga for you. I don’t try to be different or stand out from the crowd but I listen. I smile and give honest feedback that encourages confidence in you becoming happier and healthier. 

You will discover that yoga is more than just a downward dog! It’s what you make it. I am here to simply guide you through new habits and bring out the daring side of your personality that will be ready to take risks and face the challenges of everyday life. We will explore breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises and have plenty of laughter along the way. We will find exercises that work for you. Simple and effective. It’s your body, your mind, your health. 

Become ready for life!

`200h in Hatha and Vinyassa at 

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