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#5 Ignite Your Inner Fire

Blog #5 Ignite Your Inner Fire

Breathing…something we often take for granted because it just happens. If it didn’t we would die. What I didn’t realise is how little air we need to survive. How little we use our lungs and diaphragm to bring that air in to our bodies.

I was just surviving…on little sleep, little rest, little air, little awareness of myself. When your body isn’t well it will show in different ways until you listen! Burn out, back ache, migraines, diabetes, dark eyes, loss of hair, loss of confidence, stress, anxiety, depression….the list goes on. For me it was my voice. It woke me up by shutting down. I was lucky that I listened, I changed a few things to my diet to my sleeping patterns, but the thing that made the biggest difference was breathing.

Do you just want to survive? Or do you want to thrive? If you want to thrive in your body, in your life then fill the fire in your heart with air…it cannot burn bright without it.

Instead of burning out. Stop. Take 5 deep breaths. Fill your belly, your lungs….in through the nose, out through the nose, in through the nose, out through the nose, in through the nose, out through the nose, in through the nose out through the nose. If breathing through the nose is difficult then do it through the mouth. But breath. Deeply. Ignite your own inner fire.

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