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#6 Re write your routine

#6 re write your routine

Small changes can make the biggest differences….To get my health back on track and gain strength in my diaphragm to help keep my vocal cords from rupturing again, I had to make changes to my routine. Nothing major, but a slight shift, a nudge in a different direction. A few minutes of core breath work and vocal exercises first thing in the morning made a huge impact on my health, and the results were noticeable very quickly.

The key is not to get stuck in a rut with a routine…don’t let the pond dry up or become stagnant. Keep trying new things, listen to your body, find out what it needs, what it’s lacking, what’s irritating it….listen to it from the inside out. Be kind to it. Be kind to you.

Write down your routines, jot down on your phone or note book what differences you feel in yourself, the progress you make, the days you skip or forget. Create new healthy habits for YOU. Ones that work for YOU. Ones that help bring out the best version of YOU! Re write and re gain control of your health.

If you are unsure where to start, begin with the breath. Just 5 deep breaths in and out first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 5 deep breaths.

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