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The voice of reason lost in the vast voice of noise

So I lost my voice….but how?

Doing too much and never taking enough time to be with myself. To slow down. To rest. To sleep. I always thought I would miss out something, I was always proud at being able to survive on just 4 hours sleep and still have enough energy to hang upside and do cartwheels. “Where do you get your energy, how are you always so happy?”

Its true, by nature I am a positive person but thats not to say the clouds never pass over my head.

In 2017 I was burning myself out, and by 2018 my voice was the thing that gave way. It forced me to stop. I was told to go on complete vocal rest for at least a week. If I didn’t I was likely to cause irreparable damage to my vocal cords. They were bruised and bleeding, they were in a mess. How did they get this bad? I thought I was in tune with my body...clearly not. To some degree yes. I exercised regularly, I ate well, yoga had already transformed my life (more of that later). I thought I knew myself. But we are vast, complex beings and we must give ourselves much needed attention every day and I clearly wasn’t doing that.

So I swallowed my pride. I stopped working. I stopped talking. And I started taking action….

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