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Living Life Blog An Intro

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Living. Life. Now. As it is…I mean let’s face it…its bloody hard. But all we have is now. This moment. This breath. Each heartbeat. At the flick of a second it could all disappear. Why live in emotional despair, in unhappiness? And what is happiness and can we obtain it? It’s certainly not straight forward we know that, we are after all, emotional beings….but, is it as complex as we make it?

Through exploring yourself, looking inside, stopping and peering into the heart of the matter you can start to find some clarity. It takes time, dedication, change….through my blogs I hope to share my experiences….the highs, the lows, the ugly bits along with nice bits , the dark sides and those glorious flickers of light….Journey with me as I dig deep and ask questions that may not have answers, but will hopefully make us smile, laugh and feel a bit better about ourselves!


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